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Asset Management Disposition

What is Asset Management Disposition?


 When assets need to be removed from the enterprise, they move through various disposition processes. Commonly they are handed over to an IT Asset Disposition vendor to be re-sold, donated, recycled or destroyed. Assets should be managed properly after going offline to ensure they do not get lost prior to reaching the vendor. The vendor of choice should then have secure procedures for tracking assets during the entire time of their possession. After proper disposal, PC Recyclers of Idaho provides a certificate of destruction with the serial numbers of assets received. The company should then verify the serial numbers on their certificate of destruction with the assets they know they handed over to the PC Recyclers of Idaho. Tracking assets that are offline, prior to disposal, should be approached with the same efficiency and security as when those same assets are online. A good method for choosing a destruction vendor is to find an R2 E-waste certified company. We have a corporate responsibility to dispose of e-waste properly to ensure a healthy environment.


The Benefits of Asset Management



Good asset management benefits your organization in many ways:

  • Federal Compliance with HIPAA
  • Integrity of your company reputation.
  • Security of your Stakeholders, Affiliates and Customers.  
  • Ensure Identity Theft does not occur to your organization
  • Security of Personal information such as SSN's, E-mail, Passwords and other sensitive information
  • Peace of Mind

Asset Management Chain of Custody

Professional R2 Certified Employees


Our Professional Technicians arrive on time, load equipment with care and provide a detailed receipt upon pick-up

Secure Transportation


Equipment is transported under lock and key with truck seal, load identifier

24 Hour Surveillance Facility


Our facility is under constant surveillance and located acrossed the sreet from The Meridian Police Dept and Idaho State Trooper Buildings.  

Serial Number Scanning


Our Asset management specialist will compile a list of all data storage devices from the equipment received

Destruction of Data Storing Devices


Our R2  Certfied Company will destroy your data storing devices using NIST 800-88 / DoD 5220.22-M Standards or physically destroy in our R2 Certified hard drive Shredder

Certificate of Destruction and Asset Managment Files


The R2 Certification is the leading e-waste Industry standard in the United States and most major Continents.  Our Federally approved Certificate of Destruction and Asset Management list will be e-mailed to you within 72 hours assuring your data has been destroy per R2 Certified standards.  

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